Sample Budget Proposal Template Free Download

Download a free sample budget proposal template that you can use as a guide for writing your own document easily.

What is the Sample Budget Proposal Template

A good budget proposal can help you obtain the funding that you need for the project. Decision makers that understand budgeting are looking for solid rationale coupled with good returns on investment.

Many proposals templates will offer some solid guidelines on that front. To be approved, the proposal should include a detailed explanation of the projects costs and benefits. The document does not have to be lengthy. However, it needs to provide enough details for whoever is reading it to be able to grasp the full extent of the project, as well as how it might benefit them or their company. Before downloading a sample budget proposal, please read the following tips which may help you in writing an excellent proposal. They include an executive summary, activity work sheet preparation and the plan of action:

Executive Summary

The proposed budget should be accompanied by a clearly written executive summary highlighting the most significant aspects of the budgeting process. All these important details need to fit onto one page, and they should draw in the person reading it in a positive way. It should include the overall project budget cost and a bulleted list of benefits to be gained from the implementation of that specific project, with appropriate budgetary controls. This will be seen clearly on a Budget Proposal Template you can download for free.

Activity Work Sheet Preparation

The proposal for a project also needs to include an activity sheet listing all expenses. This includes hours needed for the back-up staff working on the project. In addition, this lists any equipment needed for completion of the project, as well as any funds for advertising or marketing budget. This shows the reader exactly how his or her money is going to be spent.

Business Budget Plan of Action

Right after your worksheet, you will want to put your action plan into your document. This details how to execute the project. This part of the budgeting process accounts for expenses, supporting costs, and hours.

It also shows a timeline of implementation. The timeline must contain critical information, such as opportunities for analysis and revisions to project successes, as they occur. It gives the timeline of when the project will be completed.


After writing a budget analysis, a conclusion is needed for a project. This needs to indicate the consequences for not moving forward with the project. Write it in a creative, compelling way. It acts as the closing of a transaction, helping the reader to take a well-informed decision positively. This is why you want to have a solid argument fully supporting the draft.

Proposal templates will always contain this, and they guide you in that direction. If you download a free budget proposal template offered on this page, it will greatly assist you.

Download the free Budget Proposal Sample

Follow this link to download the budget proposal sample pdf. Contact us if you would like more information. You can also learn more from budget proposal books on Amazon.

Download the sample as a guide to help you write a proposal