Human Resource Management – Functions in Hr Department

Read about human resource management and its functions performed by HR departments in order to meet business objectives in employment.

The Functions of Human Resource Management

Without human resources functions, the company cannot meet the goals of the strategy and objectives. Therefore, proper human resources management is necessary in order to optimize the resources of an organization.

The general direction of a company involves keeping in view those who work within it. The quality with which they are managed will define an institutions success or failure. With this in mind, the next question which comes into the picture is how you get these people to join a company. Below are the different administrative functions that hr professionals must do.

Recruiting of Human Capital

The HR hiring process comes about following identification of jobs and tasks required by an organization. This is an important strategic hrm process. HR positions are made available on an irregular basis.

The positions in place must be defined by skill requirements and a personas profile for the post. The firm has to put up job offers in a professional way in order to attract the right kind of people for the position. Managers of various departments form panels to evaluate candidates for fit, making the process an integrated, transparent hiring exercise.

Job placement

With suitable candidates recruited, the relevant job should then be assigned. The task of assigning jobs has to ensure the right employees are assigned the right jobs. This requires proper analysis of the jobs after strategic human resource planning. The employee is also given a job description detailing their duties.

There will be an orientation period in order to familiarize individuals with their workplace and what the company expects from them. Job orientation makes new employees feel secure about their place and position within the organisation, and this results in paths of performance. Risk management plays a major role in hiring.

Performance management Program

Personnel managers must constantly track new hires job performance. This evaluation takes account of the HR functions in a job title. Employees are expected to adhere to established policies and procedures.

This assessment is intended to provide every worker with a good return on their investment, as well as aligning the production to the organizations objectives. The Human Resources department annual productivity evaluation is one of the ways in which it is done. Their work performance must undergo review so that it is reflective of a real picture of expected productivity benchmarks.

Human resources development

The development of HR is the single most important factor in the success of the company. The business will assess gaps in productivity and make additional efforts to increase employee capabilities and skills according to a HR development plan. Management should make sure there are appropriate work conditions to enable employees to work effectively. Training and HR development of the HR staff is an important part of employee assistance and people management in the HR functions.

It must also be the primary goal, even when employees are performing at their best, as times will come when they need to adopt new ways of doing things. Managers convey the new ways of working to employees once there is the chance. They conduct the required training and development in order to increase the productivity of employees and the relations between them.

Compensation and benefits

A big part of Human Resource Management, HRM, is to properly compensate employees. These are done following appropriate job analyses and performance reviews of employees. The workers interests are mostly around getting paid to do the job. It might not seem obvious on the surface, with day-to-day labor continuing for months.

Employees want guarantees for prompt payment, as well as for other benefits which are not money-based. Employee benefits are motivating factors, and they create a commitment to work. Performance evaluations are an excellent way to make sure benefits are being awarded appropriately.

Termination of employment

The firm will face HR issues at times. Unsatisfied employees, mostly because of low pay and working conditions, tend to look for greener pastures elsewhere. This is not the sole cause for turnover in labor, but it may result from disability, death, redundancy, or even dismissal. Termination may even result from violation of rules listed in the employee handbook. The HR managers must keep an eye on every possible opportunity which may result in termination. All pathways must be exhausted in order to prevent this eventuality.

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