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Find here an example budget proposal format you can edit as needed to suit your company's needs.

This sample is a comprehensive document that is suitable for use in banks and other financial institutions. It can however be adjusted to meet the budgeting needs of other business entities. The proposal includes, among other topics, an executive summary, a detailed environment analysis, a SWOT analysis, proposed strategies, detailed income and expenses, the implementation and control charts, and a conclusion.


Executive Summary

The executive summary sets out as an overview the existing financial condition of the company, where it would like to go, and what it should do to get there.

Environment Analysis

Analysis of the company's external environment presents details of the political, economic and technological environment in which business is operated, as well as the market and competition. The sample also includes an internal analysis covering information elated the company's performance, its people, infrastructure and delivery, and its customers.

Swot Analysis

Included here is a detailed analysis of the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats on which assumptions have been made to arrive at the projected results of the company.


This section presents details of all the activities the institution should implement in order to reach the projected results.

Income and Expenses

The income and expenditure detailed in this budget proposal template include interest income, interest expense, commissions and service charges, foreign exchange earnings, dividend income, income on trading and investment securities, allowance for loan losses, staff cost, head office expenses, depreciation expense, occupancy expenses, and other expenses.


This sample chart lists all the activities / strategies to be implemented as well as he date and frequency of implementation.


The document contains a sample control chart detailing all the activities to monitored and measured against projections to ensure the achievement of set objectives. The chart also contains details of when or how frequently monitoring will be done and by whom it will be performed.


The conclusion summarizes the proposed plans and the strategies necessary to achieving the desired results. It also presents management's confidence in the reaching the set targets with implementation and control of the specific measures identified.

More About the Document

This sample was written by Keith Inniss, Fellow of the Institute of Canadian Bankers. It was done to assist planners of banks and other financial institutions with preparation of a budget proposal. It is a good example of how to write a budget proposal. The document is free for personal use and can easily be adjusted to suit the needs of an institution preparing a detailed budget. No one is permitted to sell the example or publish it on the internet or otherwise.


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Download the sample budget proposal for free



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