Human Resource Management Functions

Read the functions performed by the hr department to achieve company objectives and to satisfy employees.

The Functions of  Human Resource

The human resource management is not a rocket science activity, but can be an uphill task if not dispensed properly. The success of an organization will be at stake if the elements of the function are not given high esteem. Every organization has to manage it professionally and give it priority for ultimate vision and mission to materialize. It is the engine that spins all the other factors of production.

Without the personnel management department a firm will not deliver on its strategic plans and goals. Thus. the human element must be managed adequately to optimize the organizational resources. The overall direction of a firm involves putting the people working in it into perspective. The quality of handling them will determine the success or failure of an establishment. With that in mind the next question that comes into mind is the way to bring these people into the firm. Following are the various human resource functions:

People performing human resource functions

Recruitment process

The recruitment procedure is preceded by the identification of the jobs and tasks to be accomplished in the organization. The vacancy in place has to be defined in terms of skills needed and the person description for that post. Invitation for interest bid for the slots has to be done in a professional manner in order to attract the right manpower into it. The panel to assess the suitability of the applicants is then constituted involving Managers from different departments to make it a holistic and transparent recruitment exercise.

Job placement

With the right applicants having been recruited they have to be assigned the respective vacancies. The job placement task has to make sure that the right employees at delivered to the right jobs. This requires proper job analysis. The employee also receives a job description detailing hie responsibilities. These people need to be oriented to the work place and made aware of the expectations of the firm on them. The job placement makes the new worker assured of the position and place in the organization which translates to productivity path. Risk management plays an important part when it comes to hiring.

Performance management

Personnel managers have to continuously monitor the new recruits’ performance at work. This evaluation should be aimed at ensuring value for money on every worker and to align the output with organizational objectives. The annual performance appraisal is one way of ensuring this. Their performance at work has to undergo scrutiny and to reflect a true picture of expected performance benchmarks.

Human resource development

Development of human resources is most important for business success. With the evaluation and possible performance gaps being identified the management has to do further enrichment of employees capacity and skills. Management must ensure there are suitable working conditions that will help the employee to perform well. Training and development of human resources make up a large part of the hr function. This should be the focus also even if the work is performed optimally because there are times when new ways of doing work has to be incorporated. New modes of work can be transferred to employees as soon as there is an opportunity.

Compensation and benefits

Workers interests revolve mostly around compensation for work done. From the surface it may not be apparent when daily work continues throughout the month. They need to be assured of timely pay and other benefits that are not monetary made to them in a timely manner. Workers benefits are motivating factors and breeds commitment to work. The performance appraisal is a great way to ensure the correct awarding of benefits.

Termination of employment

Unsatisfied employee mainly from poor remuneration and conditions of work will tend to seek greener pastures elsewhere. This is not the only reason for labor turn over but it can result also from incapacitation, death, redundancy and even sacking. The human resource manager should be on the look out for any possibility that can lead to termination of employment. All avenues should be exhausted to avoid such an eventuality.

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